This sound familiar?

Sometimes after a bad run of results, we put together a turnaround strategy with a measurable action plan to to increase performance and sales. The solution is then communicated to the staff and implemented. The business picks up for a while but over time, performance tapers off and the team soon find themselves around the table once again, trying to work out what was wrong with the strategy, or the action plan, or if the measures were wrong.

What is witnessed here is the “golden hour” where everyone throws all their weight behind the new initiatives, until life gets in the way and people revert to their traditional roles in the business because their own departmental priorities are being neglected. We need to ask ourselves WHY this happens?

One of the main reasons for these experiences is that we live from event to event, and we are geared to react to the results generated without taking the time to find out why it happened and whether it has happened before and if so, how often. Linear thinking is a major contributor to short sighted solutions that only focus on the short term and we end up resolving the same issues over and over. Systems thinking is a philosophy with practical tools that empower us to identify and interrogate events and generate collaborative lasting solutions that drive the business forward.

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