Every successful company has goals, values and vision that are shared throughout the organization. When there is a genuine vision in the company, people enroll, excel and learn. The primary function of this discipline is to allow us to align our personal vision with the organization vision. When this happens, people become self motivated and driven to achieve the company goals and objectives. A sad point is that many Leaders don’t translate their personal vision into the shared vision  and this results in a false vision for the future. Another cause of failure is when the organizational vision evolves around the leader’s charisma, this drives people in the short term but can’t be sustained.

The practice of shared vision involves the skills of unearthing shared “pictures of the future” that fosters commitment and enrollment rather than compliance In mastering this discipline, leaders learn the counter-productiveness of trying to dictate a vision, no matter how passionate they are about it. Another phenomenon is the acceptance of compliance in place of commitment, this generally happens when employees buy in to a vision rather than enroll in it.