Is key to starting the journey to systems thinking. In our lives we are constantly striving for improvement yet we don’t always take the time to think things through in order to reach our goals.

Creating a personal vision is the first step in this process, because it allows us to identify what we want to achieve in life. This will include personal and professional goals. When we’re happy with our vision we will establish a clear picture of our current reality. The gap between the two is called creative tension and is a healthy tension driving the rate of change.

A clear understanding of our personal vision allows us to identify with the organisational vision and find areas of commonality which enables alignment of visions to create a common purpose and enrollment within the organisation.

To create this vision takes a lot of introspection of our personal values, becoming self aware and learning how to be conscious of how our beliefs, prejudices and assumptions affect our ability to lead, make decisions and interact with team members.

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