We use System thinking tools to explore the systemic structures that influence or govern the actions of people within organizations. Systems thinking consists of 5 disciplines, Systems thinking stoolPersonal Mastery and Shared vision tackle aspirations, moving the mindset from reacting to creating, Mental Models and Team Learning teach us to work collaboratively, moving from a knowing mindset to a learning one and Systems thinking provides the tools to deal with the complexity in organizations and business. The teams move from looking at parts to the connection and relationships between them and also from a blaming mindset to an understanding one. Together these give individuals and teams the understanding and tools to tackle the challenges that exist in our ever changing personal and business environments.

In 1990 Peter Senge published his work called the 5th Discipline which discusses in detail each of the disciplines that underpin systems thinking. In our research, we have found supporting work by Dr. William Tate, Director of the Institute of Systemic Leadership, and we have incorporated this into our offering.

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