Stability and certainty in the workplace in an uncertain world.

We live in exciting times, who could have anticipated how quickly the political situation would change once the house of cards started collapsing. I can remember feeling frustrated for the longest time, then when the cracks appeared, information came pouring out of every possible source. Personally, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not the 3:30 express. There is still a lot of change going to happen over the coming weeks and months with court cases being dragged out as long as possible as people try to keep themselves out of jail. It is now time for us to contribute in every way we can to secure our future and make the recovery as painless as possible.

This is the age we live in, the 4th industrial revolution, where information is everywhere and readily available if you know where to look. The means of capturing and processing data abound, so in this world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Unpredictability and Ambiguity, we need to create as stable a platform within our organizations as possible.

circle-of-influenceStephen Covey, in his book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” speaks about circles of influence and circles of concern, being Proactive rather than reactive. This is the approach we need to take as leaders in our various organizations, whether in the private or public sectors. Being proactive means we expand our level of influence as far as possible, and use this to create stability in the organizations we lead, the level of our leadership isn’t important, being proactive and effective is.

If you study your organization and your business, you will clearly see different categories of challenges, those you can control, those you can influence and those outside of your control. We need to focus our energies where they add the most value to the organization, so that our teams are equipped and can function efficiently and effectively to grow the business and economy. Teams within the business who can work collaboratively in an environment of trust, openness and honesty within supporting systemic structures will continually outperform those who aren’t.

We need to decide if this is where we want to be, and if so, put our efforts into developing individuals and teams in a way that supports organizational needs. You have to tackle both end of the equation, otherwise you could end up polishing a diamond to a brilliant shine, and then dump it back into the muddy water you took it from and wonder why you can’t see it gleam.

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