Dave Hudson

Dave’s career in production, operations and supply chain has given him insight into the technical mindset.
In the 21st century, Value Chains have evolved into Complex Adaptive Systems. It is no longer the dependent chain of events we got used to working with.
The network of suppliers has multiplied with globalization and lead times have increased. At the same time, competition in the market place has increased. Customers are demanding shorter lead times, and higher service levels. The question is, How do we deal with the change and achieve a competitive edge that will set us apart from our competition?
In organizations, we all strive for independence and in doing so, don’t consider the impact of our actions on those around us. Organizations have been measuring team performance using the same metrics for decades. These metrics created Silos, setting departments against each other, and the organization as a whole. The result is that we are working harder and yet always falling short of our targets. Shouldn’t we be working smarter?
Systems thinking uses a holistic approach to optimize organizations. We start with strategy and devolve this down through the tactical and operational levels using smart metrics as our guide. Metrics aligned with strategy are key to success and they create the foundation for continuous improvement.
In the supply chain, we introduce the principle of FLOW as the primary driver and the Demand Driven methodology to manage it. The primary objectives are to increase visibility and minimize variability. This optimizes cash velocity and ultimately Return on Investment (ROI).
Transformation and training of teams in the new system takes place through the use of Content based coaching. We introduce this new culture using proven methodologies and smart metrics to make sustainable change.

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