Reactive vs. proactive

A frustrating experience in life is to witness people who are continually reacting to problems in their lives, when a different approach will create an environment where these problems don’t reoccur.

This happens in business too, and needs a huge amount of energy to resolve, where that energy can be used positively to drive the business forward. Organization culture plays a big part in enabling reactivity, people blame the system and others to deflect the focus from their own mistakes. Problems that teams are trying to work through are glossed over in meetings and not addressed until it is too late to resolve them meaningfully.

Business is evolving, and yesterdays solutions aren’t necessarily today’s. The 4th industrial revolution has changed the rules, Business decisions enter the public domain almost immediately and mistakes become more glaring because of the size of the audience. The consequences of our decisions are far more widespread, and the impact on our businesses is far greater than in the past.

To remain competitive and to increase growth and profitability in these challenging times we need to change our approach business. To make the necessary changes, we need to embrace a different view of the world and understand what is required to adapt. CONTENT-based coaching helps individuals and organisations to embrace the change and provides practical tools that make business decisions meaningful, proactive and collaborative.

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