A New Chapter and Opportunities abound

To quote Zapiro:


This last week has been tumultuous and nerve-wracking in the political arena. Last night saw the closing of a chapter and today the start of a new one. Despite the uncertainty about our national leadership, the international markets are very positive about our new Leader President Ramaphosa.

As business in South Africa, we need to ask ourselves how are we going to support this change and deliver our best to improve economic growth beyond the paltry 1% we’ve seen over the past couple of years. As citizens of South Africa, we need to give our new president every bit of support we can in every way we can. This isn’t about politics, it’s about turning SA Inc. around to reach the heights we last saw in 2007. Where we belong!!!

Don’t sit on the fence and wait to see what happens, be a leader and drive the change, this is an opportunity for every business large and small, so go for it. Don’t expect change overnight, we all know that transformation and change take time, SA Incorporated is a rather large ship and will take all of our efforts to turn around to the new direction we must follow to prosperity.

Lets do this together.

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